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There will be a Community meeting on Teamspeak on the 22nd of September a sunday at 10PM GMT. That is 5PM EST to work out your time zone use http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc to find out what time it is for you guys.


All Section Leaders/Administrators are required to be there to discuss your section as well as the developers who help out with the servers.


Date: 22nd Septemper

Time: 10PM GMT (5PM EST)





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Why so late?


6pm EST is 11pm GMT (on a Sunday night when I have work on Monday morning).  :P


Might not be able to stay long, (if I can make it at all).


It'll be even worse for the CET guys. :(



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I'll have all of your cookies and destroy the tracks. Decompile your .dll's just to corrupt all your binaries! Muahaha! I'm kidding, but uh, I'd make it if I wasn't lazy.

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