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Hi people, i am a 17 year old boy, my name is Andrew and im currently studying in secondary school in year 11, i play mainly a few games which are killingfloor, minecraft, l4d2, borderlands 2, tetris, tf2. i am really friendly and i almost never get angry, i am not shy and am willing to play with whoever wants to play with me. I do not mind getting spammed but of course i would prefer not to be spammed. I mostly play minecraft, tf2, and killing floor. i am ok at killing floor and minecraft but for the other games im not as good at.



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thnx guys :P. im ure i will enjoy my stay xd, i dunno what games i could actually play with you guys on apart from kf and mc with a lot of lag because im from china xd c7c Renegade sounds fun but i dunno what it is xd so ill check it out and maybe join ur svrs if u have any :D

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Welcome dude,


Renegade is so cheap to buy now you could get it for a few quid on the net.


Or even download it and we will help you sort it out for playing in the server 

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