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Well hello there, thanks for stopping by. My name is mark, maybe you guessed... I've been looking for a decent killing floor server for a while and I stumbled into yours. I've only destroyed about 500 Z-words with Dronez4 and I'd like to make it a lot more.


I just turned 33 this week. I live in california with my wife and 2 kids. My 6 year old son loves watching me play. I work for one of the largest renewable energy construction companies in the country. We do a lot of wind turbines and just this year started on solar plants.


Anyway I'm here for kicks so I hope to see some of you survive the murderous horde sometime.

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:D Glad to see yah forum side! Looking forward to some good long hours of zombie killing with yah!


PS. Im a higher level than dronez o_o

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Welcome to rencorner forums Mark. You were the guy flaming all the zeds on China. I thought about having a FP chase me into your snipers nest. :brushteeth:

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