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Hi, and Welcome to Rencorner.co below is a list of Forums rules and the hardware we run our gaming servers on.
These rules are subject to change at any time!

In order to keep the Rencorner forums a friendly, enjoyable place to hang out, the following items may earn you a warning or even ban, depending on the severity:


  • Posting illegal, or illegally obtained/copied materials.
  • Excessively sexual posts, images, or videos.
  • Hate speech.
  • Using duplicate accounts.
  • Creating multiple threads, multi-posting, or using an excessive amount of images in a post.
  • Posting personal information or private conversations without permission.
  • Harassing other members.
  • Images in posts should not exceed 1024 pixels in width, to avoid screen stretching.
  • Respect the decision of those who outrank you, they hold that position for a reason.
  • Problems with other members(or general problems) should be worked out with the administration in private.
  • Posting links to pictures of dead humans, dead animals if extremely graphic (bloody, disfigurement of corpse, decay), feces, vomit, or nudity (including "goatse") is inappropriate and the length of your ban or loss of power will be relative to how disgusting the picture is.
  • Posting irrelevant pictures only in an attempt to derail a topic.

    Along with this I will provide a few reminders about more specific subjects:

    Moderators and administrators will be designated by the Rencorner staff and owners. This means that you are not a moderator, and should not act as or pretend to be one. Do not post in topics proclaiming that someone will be banned, or a topic locked. As stated above, any problems should be worked out in private with the administration. The current Ranking structure can be found Here.

    Keep signatures to a respectable size. The main focus should always been on what really matters, and that is what you're posting. Users with signatures that are deemed too large may be warned and have their signature removed.




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