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Giveaway ~ CS:G0 and Operation Bravo


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As the topic states, "Giveaway ~ CS:G0 and Operation Bravo"!



----> To enter, all you need to do is follow Rencorner on Twitter, subscribe on Youtube, and like us on Facebook.

----> Then post back here letting me know that you have completed the requirements to enter the giveaway.








Please make sure you guys have something to trade for it, because it's in my inventory, and I cannot give it to you without you actually giving me something (trade). It does not matter what you give me, it can be worth 0.00000000000000001 cents. :):D:P <3 69






Started: Dec 1st, 2013: 12 AM

Ends: Dec 13th, 2013: 12 AM





All Welcome!!!




I only have one copy of CS:GO and Operation Bravo!!!

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Id enter, but I refuse to use the cancer that is twitter, and dont care for CS. So I guess ill bump the thread.


Also, you should be able to gift spare games that are in your inventory so you dont have to trade, or have they changed that?

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  • 4 People Entered
  • -Bloodyman
  • -Soviet
  • -Syndicate
  • -coolman369

Let me bump this up!


Be sure to check back at 9 PM EST to see if you won :P


Good Luck.




*********** if u still want to enter message now, as it will end 9PM EST ************

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