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Happy Birthday Shaitan!


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I want to take a minute to thank you for all the hard work you put into Rencorner past, present, and future. Without you Rencorner wouldn't be where it is at today. Everyone take a moment to wish Shaitan well on the day of his 31st Birthday! 


I am sorry I will be away for it, but I will pop on teamspeak at some point tomorrow to wish you happy birthday at some point.


:bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:


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Yes that is an actual picture of shaitan.

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You guys didn't read my status did you? It applied to this. :(

One more year wasted, one more year older.

Thank you guys BTW.....and I'm 36 :(

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First I typed OSTK forum.... and when found no shai's birthday topic on it I was going to open it there, but checked here =) and there it is :lol: OFC!


Happy Birthday! Joel, something tells me that you are not destined to live a boring life, and if you find that it keeps going in this way just please remember... we are not born for no reason. Every my birhtday reminds me that statement. "idling time" is given to prepare to meet your time... you'd better be ready for it. And then don't say nobody told you that. 

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