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McgrathJ Saying Hello


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Ok Iam Not Really New To The Server But I've Just Saw This

Hello I'am Joseph McGrath (McgrathJ) And I Play A Lot Of Minecraft I Have Been On The Server About 3 Day's And 1 Of My Main Goal's Is To Become A Moderator/Half Mod I Don't Like Griever's And I Would Never Become One Also I Help Fix Grieving That Has Been Done On The Server If I Have The Item's To Fix It I Really Like This Server It Is My All Time Favorite Also I Do Have Team Speak But I Don't Know What IRC Is And I'am Also Looking For Sponsors Thanks For Reading McgrathJ

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Thanks And I Will Looking Forward To What This Server Has To Offer Especially The Shop And Soo Syndicate You Wanna Sponser Me??

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