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TRUSTED - Jamjars (accepted)


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minecraft skyblock = Best


So I guess i should follow directions and actually make an intro!  :lol:


Hi, I'm Jamjars.


Something defines me a lot is my extreme habit to procrastinate. I am actually doing it now! 

The main way I procrastinate would be through videogames, either minecraft, my phone or my PS3.

Thought it may be holding be back, I still do well in school and whatnot. I am in AP Calc, AP US Histor, and AP English.

In minecraft I pretty much only play skyblock, I have spent quite a few hours on there and have had to restart a handful of times (which is always devastating). I know what hard work in minecraft is and how it feels to make cool builds so obviously im not gooing to go around destroying other players' builds. 


Anyway, something else about me... I play the violin, I have been for almost 5 years now but I did take a two year break so I'm not the greatest at it.


I should really go do HW.


Oh yeah, I speak spanish pretty well I suppose. I'm about 6 feet tall and almost 200 pounds, I suppose I'm kinda a big dude. I Reddit... a lot. Reddit all the time. I guess you should know I am a Pastafarian.


well thats pretty much it, I rather not bore you with anymore of my life  :lol:


thanks for reading  :D



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You forgot the welcome to rencorner line Joe :o

Thanks BJ!  Forgive me for I am old.  Welcome to Rencorner.

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