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Intro Soubi


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Heya, im Soubi , 23 y.o. and come from wheres my VPN ever is... i dont speak english very well, but i think its understandable. :)

Im a new Renegade Player on your Servers. Played Renegade 4 Years before on GamespyArcade befores Closed. Love this Feeling of this game ... never seen a Game like this.

My favourite Games:


C&C Renegade



Ingame Nick: [sB] Soubi .. SB is for Sceneboard .. we are 2 Guys in this Group.. Just a Little Verify-Sign.. no clan or sumthing..


My Job is Serveradministrator and Community Manager  in many Projects in Internet. Most of them are known as filesharingforums, VPN,- and usersupports like uploaded, zippyshare and sum things like that. ...(yah, i get my monthly money from guys who  i never seen .. no questions, no problems ). 


i speak russian,german, a bit france and english. 

i speak C, C++, C#, JS and Actionscript too.


Favourite Language: English And Russian

Favourite Food:  I think Chicken .. exept i have to kill this first

Favourite Sports: Skiing, Skating, Running and Paintball


Favourite Char in Renegade: Hotwire .. Im A Supporter/Helaerguy. In Wow im a Healer too. Love to bring sum Support to others ;) ..


So if theres any Questions, you can ask. :)




PS: Like this Skin of this Invision Power Board..

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Welcome to Rencorner, we have a few Russian speaking players here.  Hope you stick around and enjoy yourself!

If you are a creative type and like to build anything, check out our Minecraft server.  We have 6 servers combined, and have a variety of things to do, that you might find fun.


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Thank you for your Welcome :) Relly nice to see, that Team is Greeting newbies.

I like Rencorner because theres no big Mods like on AOW Servers.. There's really not nice to play ...


So .. I think we will meet us ingame more than here :) but i like to read on forums and when i can help or discuss, i'll do this too.


Greetz, Soubi

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