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My name is Heather. I'm 24 years old. I've been playing Minecraft since alpha. I mainly like building underground bases and mining. I have been on several servers over the years, however many of them are no longer running- or were damaged greatly by script kiddies. 


I have been Admin on 2 servers with 50+ consistent players, as well as mod on several smaller servers. 


I live in San Francisco, California. Going to school to become and xray technician. Aside from minecraft, I also play Team Fortress 2 and (sometimes) Left 4 Dead 2. I enjoy singing, teaching myself guitar, reading, and spacing out. 


I can walk on my hands. Burp the alphabet. Cross my eyes. Pick stuff up with my feet, and roll my tongue. So I'm obviously a superior breed of human. :P


Hope to get to know you guys :) Great server so far!



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Welcome to the Rencorner Mincraft Servers! I hope you enjoy yourself.  If you need anything call a mod.  Cya in the sandbox...


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