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A tale about the Shai


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In the free lands of field, Animoski forged 12 Senior Mods, For within these Senior mods was bound the strength andwill to govern each server.  But they were all of them deceived for another Senior mod was made. In the deepsbeneath the grounds of nod, Animoski Forged in secret One shai to control all others and into this Shai He pouredhis Drugs, his words, his anger and will to dominate all servers.  One Shai to rule them all.One by one the free lands of Renegade fell to the power of the Shai. But there were some who resisted. A lastalliance of men and girls(display) marched against the armies of Former Rencorner and on the slopes of Field, theyfought for the freedom of Renegade. Victory was near but the power of the Shai could not be undone. It was in thismoment when all hope had faded that Volcom, son of that man who bought him renegade on the corner, took up Lundy's Ban-Hammer......... Animoski, the enemy of the free peoples of Rencorner was defeated. 





Ya i have no life xD

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What in the unholy Nine Hells did I just read? :character0049:


haha  The story of you and volcom taken from a lord of the ring perspective xD

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k we've only had senior mods for a few months lol 

I know, im just making a funny reference from lord of the rings with the rings of power vs senior mods and the situation with Animoski.... Dont take the words in the post above as LITERAL on what happened lol   .... comic reliefs are dead since everyone takes things too literal now xD It was just something i did on the spir of the moment

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