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Renegade X Open Beta Released!


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Hey Everyone!


The day has finally come. Renegade X has been released! I can confidently say after actively playing this game it is amazing. It plays so much like Renegade, with some new features that truly add to the game. The game is fast paced and still easy to learn. There are multiple mirrors available for download. Rencorner has one in Dallas and one in Australia. Links below: 

Official Rencorner Mirror:



Other Mirrors:

Can be located at http://Renegade-X.com


Rencorner is currently hosting 11 Servers:


-Rencorner.co All Out War- 64 Players-Rencorner.co Marathon- 64 Players

-Rencorrner.co TheKoSs2 Classic AOW- 32 Players

-Rencorner.co Oceanic Server- 20 players

-Rencorner.co CnC Maps Only - 20 Players

-Rencorner.co Small AOW- 16 Players

-Rencorner.co Clanwars.cc Server #1- 20 players

-Rencorner.co Clanwars.cc Server #2- 20 players

-Rencorner.co Clanwars.cc Server #3- 20 players

-Rencorner.co Clanwars.cc Server #4- 20 players

-Volcom's h2ouse of Clanwars- 20 players


Also for anyone who is interested in clanwars be sure to check out the official clanwars league:






Alright guys, I am very excited and I hope to see you all in game soon! And make sure you get our Rencorner Servers full!


I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have.


-Volcom and the Rencorner Staff 

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