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Trusted: Obi155 (accepted)


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I would like to be trusted on the Minecraft Rencorner server. I am going to answer the questions that Joetorp says

Real Name: Oliver

Age: 12

Were I live: Abingdon ( originly Liverpool )

How long I have been playing Minecraft: 1 Year

How long I have beenon the server: 4 months

I hope I will get be Trusted.


Minecraft Username: Obi155

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Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft!  You are now trusted, please observe the rules.


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Joe, It so makes me laugh old buddy,


A 12 year old English kid making a more intelligent (and respectful) post than the average 20 year old American.


British Education system.


And Oliver, Thank You. Your post made my day.





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Hey Gumbo, it doesn't take too much to please you!


Just need to know something about who wants to get trusted status (and who can read and follow instructions). 



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