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Hey guys,


Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself.

I played Rust with Volcom and a few others for a bit last night.


Rust has me by the balls.. I think I have around 500 hours :/

I've been writing mods or Rust for a couple months now :}


I'm 31, living in Charlotte NC, and a Web developer with a huge crush on Javascript.


Looking forward to showing you guys how bad of a shot I am in Rust, or whatever else!









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Hey bud it was nice to play with you last night! Can't wait to see what direction you can help take the community in! - Jesse

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Heh, The server situation with rust is a little weird.. They only allow a handful of game server providers (probably 10-15 by now) to host servers. So Volcom signed up and set one up. 


I'm out of town for the weekend, but I'll be on tomorrow evening to build my base!

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