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Trusted - TheRobloxBloxa (suspended 2x - reinstated)


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Hi I'm TheRobloxBloxa, I would like to become the rank of "Trusted" here is a little about me:


  • My real name is Jacob or you can call me Jake
  • I'm 10 years old
  • I'm from the USA and I live in New York
  • I'v been playing Minecraft for 3 years
  • I found Rencorner on Minecraft Forums I was reading something about why I love the nether and the author of that topic wrote I was on Rencorner... and then I thought that sounds like a cool server so I went and tried it out and now I'm on it everyday!

That all about me! Thanks for reading! :lol:

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Your trusted status has been suspended for 30 days as of 6/3/14 for griefing the survival spawn.  You know better!  This is the 2nd suspension you have received. 


4/29 10 days griefing

6/3   30 days griefing


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