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Trusted orikitsune (accepted)


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hiya there orikitsune here



real name is Alex 

 im 23 years of age 

and im from montague P.e.i back a-- of nowhere

i been playing minecraft shortly after beta ended i think its been a long wile back befor food bars X3

my god friend pmac1922 aka patrick asked me to join his faction server a wile ago that ow i cant to the server liked it alot  and hope i could help with any builds needed great work all mods and owner and i plan to keep on playing 


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welcome to rencorner! i see you alot in-game <3

please wait for a senior mod to view this so that your title can be updated.

<33333 (its about time i see you on the forums XD)

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Welcome to Rencorner!  Your application has been accepted.  You are a trusted player, please respect our rules!


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