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Rencorner Wallpapers and Social Media!


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Hey guys its Sketchz Here!


We would like to say thanks to us having over 1000 Members! Such a far way Rencorner has come and to celebrate this, I designed a wallpaper for Rencorner Featuring all the games we host here.  I also recorded myself making this video and turned a  2 and a half hour video into 4 minutes showing how the image was designed, Its pretty neat, check it out and give some feedback :) 


The video is here


and the wallpaper here

Posted Image


Also we are planning on hitting off hard for Social media, Rencorner has its own Facebook page, please head over and like that here



That way you will keep up to all the latest Rencorner updates and events.



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Terrific!  I like the integration of the characters on the MC setting.


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oh lol :D


Well I guess it doesn't fit on poster topic, well be lold by this one too xD


Posted Image


O o

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Are that building bars allowed on RC ?!

If he hasn't been banned yet I'm assuming so.


Back on topic, good job on the wallpapers SKeTcH. And agreeing with shaitan, needs more Killing Floor and Rust characters integrated into it.

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Amazing I wish I stuck with doing more graphic design here is some transparent stuff I made you can use if you would like.



Edit:  I might have a lot of stuff from when I was younger and doing a lot of graphic design work you might be interested in pm me if you would like my whole collection of stuff I have from 2004 to 2012.

Trans Graphics for Rencorner (2).zip

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