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Happy birthday Volcom!


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Hey volcom i know i havn't been around enough to notice much but then i thought i'd take a bit more notice about the members, so i just wanted to start by saying Happy Birthday Volcom, We all love u and we seriously thank you for helping keeping this community alive! This community would not be RenCorner without you, you do so much for us and i myself wanna say thank you for keeping me here and giving me these chances, else i would not know what i know now and neither would i be standing alive right now because you talked me out of so much stupid things, I love you dude, we all do!


Happy birthday bro! 24 now?


:happy-birthday: :happy-birthday: :happy-birthday: :happy-birthday: :happy-birthday: :happy-birthday: :happy-birthday: :happy-birthday: :happy-birthday: :happy-birthday:



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Happy birthday Rob :)

You've done so much for this community and none of it would be possible without you :)


Cashin' checks and breakin' necks ayye mate!

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You didn't even tell us it was going to be your birthday, you faggot.


I remember when you first came to this community you were were Animoski's bitch with your fancy $1500.00( ;)) admin tag lel. (insert cute motherly voice)

Now you're old and everyone is your bitch. (insert mother about to cry voice)


Just going to say you're leading RenCorner in the right direction, thanks for all you've done, 

Happy Birthday and more to come.
p.s. you're a whore, a faggot, a cunt, a bitch, and a pussy. No matter how many mom or youth insults you sling at me, remember that I'm still better at trivia than you.
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Happy birthday volcom, I wanna just say that without you there is no rencorner and thanks for giving me and others hell lot of chances.


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Happy Birthday Volcom!


You will always be the great one. You lead RenCorner today with success, even if at times you want to say fuck it. We all love and respect you. Enjoy the vacation!

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Happy Late Last Month Birthday.


Sorry I missed it. Hope you had a great day and got wasted hahahaha.


:birthday_cake009:  :smiley_balloon001: 

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