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Guest Animoski

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Guest Animoski

We've been getting attacked by a lot of spam bots recently, so i've done a little back-end work to help keep them out.

They might be able to still get through, but there should definitely be a lot less now.

I've also deleted a lot of accounts that may have been created by legitimate people but may have looked like a bot, if this was done in mistake - please re-register (none of you guys have posts.)

If you get an error re-registering saying you've been blocked because you look like a bot, please follow the directions.



Edit: If you guys do see any spam, please click on the report button that's by the post.

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Guest Animoski

We're using a pretty big and actively updated spambot black list.

If you look near the bottom of the home front on the forums - you should see a counter or "Spammers Stopped" - I think we just caught our first one! lol

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