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x_Caotic_x Trusted Application (accepted)


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Hi my name is Tyren Thomas and my ingame name is x_CHAOTIC_x my first application was a failure so i hope this is a better one. I try to play as often as i can, but its pretty hard doing it when my laptop is getting fixed. I turned fifteen on May 11 and i am pretty mature.My server administration history is pretty great, I've been a high authority on a server before and I was good at catching and dealing with hacks and griefs. Rounded up i've really been playing for a little more than a year and i will continue to play on this server. On a scale from 1 to 10 I am a 7 on IRC and I will try my best to learn about it when my laptop gets fixed. If I caught someone doing anything that doesn't obey the server rule I would warn a higher authority figure about that player. From my past reputation on servers i would make a pretty good member of the rencorner staff and an give great ideas to update and help the server. 

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