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Grand Theft Auto Server Launched!


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Hello Rencorner!


We have a new server in Minecraft!


That's right we are now hosting a Grand Theft Auto Minecraft server. There are still a few things to tweak but it is currently completely operational!


A big shoutout and thanks to my friend Pr0acid at craftrealms for giving us this server!



Enjoy Guys.

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TERRIFIC!! I would like to say thanks to ProAcid for being a trustworthy and generous friend to Volcom in paticular, and Rencorner in general.

Thanks you!


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Can someone explain for me or other newcomers what Grand Theft Auto in minecraft is?  I might have to go borrow my brother's account if this is as cool as it seems.

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I can't find a video of what are is exactly like. Hopefully we can get one made. 



Some of those are pretty close.


Basically there are about 30 different guns pistols to flame throwers to Rocket Launchers to chain guns. There are also air strikes, jet packs, cars with varying amount of NOS boost, and many other features.


You can take a look at the map at http://mc.rencorner.co:8889

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