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My name is Gavin

My ingame name is A_BionicArmpit

I am 11 years old

I'm from US

I have been playing terraria for a good 2 years (not on PC some on console version)

I found out about the server from my friend "(in game name) "conner""

I have been playing on It for a good month

I want VIP because I want to be VIP along with my friend "conner"

Thank you.

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VIP revoked for a couple days. Do not grief my roads again.


I made that so people can get to/from my house if needed(and across the ocean).




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I am Gavin

My in game Character names are A_BionicArmpit

I'm 11

I'm from the US

I've been playing terraria for a couple of years (some on console)

I found the server with my friend

I've been playing on your server for a couple of months

I want VIP because for some reason I joined and I didn't have it so I am re-applying and I know I didn't do anything wrong on the server to get revoked. So basically the same reasons as before.

By the way if I did do something wrong, Please tell me.

Thank you for making me VIP

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