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Half-Mod Prefernece or Idea!


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I think half-mods should be able to do the code block to check for poteintal greifers if an admin isnt on also i think the should get access to 10 minute only ban as a warning! For instance today bterry and Kalis got greifed and i couldnt check who did it and there was also no mods or admins on! I told them to use Protection Stones but i would still like to figure out who did it so i can tell a mod or give a warning ban until mods or admins get on to work things out between people! Thanks for reading hope you take my ideas and implament them also it would give training to be a full mod ^_^!

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Guest Animoski

Half-mods should have the ability to do "/co i" which pretty much lets you see who modified what block (either placed or removed)

If not, I think Shadow should look into making that possible. (I know full mods have the access to do so)

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Alright half-mods should now have access to /co inspect, I also noticed the Core Protect plugin itself was pretty badly outdated, so got it updated, should make it more reliable at picking up block data and thus easier to find griefers.

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