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Unturned Server Idea


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It has come to my attention that there are not enough Unturned Servers out on the internet. If  could host a Unturned server. I am will to host a server for Unturned in Rencorners name. I need permission for this before i do host the server, if i am going to host. If you dont know already, Unturned is the 4th most played game of this year. Hosting an Unturned server would bring in a massive 

Player base. I will not be able to host the best server for Unturned 10-15 players max. 


 Thank you for your time.



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It's on the 64. PC. I don't know what's been done to it, so I'm not touching it(plus Idk the steam passwords for either of those accounts, damn webmail worked once for support@rencorner.co but not the steam one. *stabs ff/ie*).

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