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Read this if you are Banned or Reporting a player


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If you have been banned in our servers please provide the following information:

  • When and where you where banned, Time and Date.
  • Ingame nickname.
  • By what moderator or admin you where banned.
  • What is the reason of you being banned.
  • Logs / Screenshots / videos / witnesses.
  • Any addition information that will help your case.

What if I don't have any or few of the list above?

  • Please provide as much information as you can.

Rules about posting in this section.

  • Please try your hardest to use proper grammar and punctation, I know it's hard for some people because English isn't first laungage but the clearer you are the easier it will be for us.
  • Please only speak English.
  • Please refrain your self from using cuss words or being rude.
  • Be honest 100% if we find you are lying your chances of being unbanned get less.

We here at RenCorner believe in seconds chances, but you will have to show us that you are willing to fix this and not flame out moderators or admins. You will probably be forced to run 4.0. and will have some restrictions. If you continue to be a problem you will continue to stay on our ban lists.


My name is Good-One-Driver, I have been banned for abusing glitches, I tried to join game and I get a pop up saying "you have been banned by Animoski for: Glitcher on 10/02/12" I am very sorry and I promise I will not abuse glitches anymore.

Click here to get started with that topic.

For moderators: If the person you have banned is making a topic about them being banned you will have to tell your side of the story also. You will NEED to have logs, Screenshots / Videos, and all the information about this ban.

Any person not directly involved in the situation should not post on the thread, and any posts considered irrelevant or nonconstructive will be removed.

*Edit* Any posts will be moderated from now on

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If you have caught a cheater please provide us with:

  • Time and Date.
  • Cheaters name.
  • Fully detailed list of what they where doing to make you assume they cheat.
  • Screenshots / Videos / Logs / Witnesses.

Please give us time to review your proof and expect a moderator or admin to respond to you with full details.

What if I do not have any of the above?

  • Your consern is still important to us, if you suspect someone of cheating please just give us there name and we will watch them carefully.

Here is a example of how we would like it formatted:


Hello, my name is Good-One-Driver and I have proof of someone using cheats in Rencorner C&C Renegade server. I am convinced that this person is using wall hacks and aimbot, I have a video that I would like the mod team here to review.

The map was C&C_Under.mix on September 17, 2012.
The Cheater's name is ChrisYema


I suspect Animoski of using rgh would you please keep an eye on them?



Any person not directly involved in the situation should not post on the thread, and any posts considered irrelevant or unconstructive will be removed.

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