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triggerhappy1254 "Trusted"(revoked )


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My name is Evan Nunez and i am 23 years old.

my in game name is triggerhappy1254 and i am from blue springs mo. i have been playing Minecraft since i the alpha and beta versions and i  am interested in making this community a better place. i found Rencorner from a friend and have been playing here since.

My email is sonofthebulldog3296@gmail.com.

I would be happy to get more people here and make this server bigger .








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This trusted status has been revoked, due to shared account and lying.  Last week, We had Evan and Chris on within 1 minute of quitting the server, and one denied the existence of the other.  He will get it back when he reapplies, with whoever he is.


They both shared the same ip address yet Chris claims to be 11 and live in Oregon, while Evan who is 23 lives in Missouri.


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