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I had this at one point but, I'd rather re-apply for it because I am cool like that.


  • Your real name - Ben
  • Your in game name, also include any other names you use. - Hahapwned
  • Your age and date of birth is? - 25, Oct 26
  • Where you are from? - Portugal, living somewhere in the mountains.
  • How long you have been playing Minecraft? - Somewhere around 4 years.
  • How did you find Rencorner? - I didn't find RenCorner, it found me! No seriously, I've been here awhile. I found it by being friends with everyone.
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Denied your ingame nickname in the topic do not match :P and you didn't follow the exact format... xD

but i do have a feeling you past the age requirement and the active days :o

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Denied, you didn't give the year of birth.  How can I tell you are really 25?  You might be 49 trying to be younger or 14 and trying to be older! 


Living in the mountains?  Do you have outdoor plumbing?  If yes, DENIED!  If no, DENIED,  we don't allow primitive people in this game.


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