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     Hello, my name is Luke.


     My In-game Character names are Silent Scream, Grey Storm, and Crimson Glove.


     I am 14 years old.


     I am from the East Coast of California, in the United States.


     I have been playing Terraria for almost 5 years.  <_< (what am I doing with my life.)


     I've found this server from a couple of my friends.


     I've been playing for a year on this server, but somehow ive never known that this website even existed.  :blush:


     I want VIP because since ive been around this community so long, seen people come and go, seen people get banned, I want to help this community.  And this is one of the ways im able to.  I want to help solve the mysteries of griefing, of helping people out, and feeling even more at home with this community. I hope that im able to help out in this community, and grow even closer to it.   :wub:  Luke

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