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A Moment of Geekiness; don't want to spend much on a PC? Have a look here


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*Warning contains very experimental things that most likely involve DIY work*


*BIG NOTE: make sure you have either an Internal or External mini PCI express port. If you do have an external one then find an adapter for that external PCI express. If you don't have an external one, you may need to open up your computer to find a mini PCI express port in the laptop and buy the internal mini PCI express adapter. (ones with screws) again make sure you do your research before you do anything at all.*


Background: I have a custom laptop. I have unscrewed it and opened it a couple of times for cleaning and it doesn't have a lot of space in there and everything is packed nice and neatly. I had a Nvidia driver update. I went along with my update and I suddenly stared at my GPU type (GTX780M). After a brief moment of blanking out, I thought to myself. Isn't a laptop just a weaker but more compact version of a PC rig? I mean the ports and such might be different by coming in mini ports and such like mini hdmi ports, but isn't it all the same in the end of the day? so I figured if this is right, and all this is compatible to eachother but just different port sized you should theoretically be able to use a GPU for desktops in a laptop right? Off In went into google looking for ways tof fitting a GTX 780 in a laptop. Googling has led me to find this. Might be a lot of work and troubleshooting but if this works it works wonders. I wasn't so keen on replacing my GPU any time soon since this laptop came with a pricey tag. so if my GPU starts to become out dated or is near it's end of it's life cycle, I want to know my options.


Results: This involves plenty of spare parts but when this works, a laptop that doesn't have a separate GPU card in it might be able to get one and run games! Moreover it's been proven to work with very old laptops too!


This centers around a PE4H or PE4L chip that basically means it's an external PCIe port outside the laptop/desktop. There are enclosures for this to house your eGPU wired to the laptop but be warned. Not all laptops are compatible with this so be wary if you are thinking of doing this and make sure you do your research first before doing this.


I found videos of people that have done this and got this to work. This really is amazing and potentially a cheaper alternative to getting a massive immobile Desktop. (like myself since I don't permanently live in the UK)


Here are some of the Websites that tell you about doing this. Make sure you do your research and this isn't something that'll work in a day or so. It may take weeks depending on what you do. Most likely less for those technically savvy. (It also works for macs!)


Implementing the eGPU: http://lab501.net/egpu-connecting-external-video-card-notebook-diy-implementation/all/1/


Other people setting up an eGPU: http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/2109-diy-egpu-experiences-%5Bversion-2-0%5D.html


The Youtube videos:


-I think this one is more professional and refined- Recommended

*note* notice this guy didn't use the external dc power plug the flashing black screen means the GPU isn't getting enough power. Make sure you best plug it in to an external power socket, with the correct PSU.


If you get this to work you don't need to spend more money on an actual desktop but this is if you don't want to get a desktop and stick to a laptop or don't prefer desktops, this may be just for you. By the way there are enclosures for this if you look hard enough in the internet (I prefer not to go to go with the enclosure) but if I do these are some of the ones I've found that are of interest. Big hit in price tag but it is an enclosure you're buying which is set up specifically. *note* some GPU sizes won't fit so again do your research.







Here's some more info:



So I hope this really is helpful for those who prefer to stick with laptops but still want to game. (or those who don't want to get custom laptops) which ever one you are. Hope this either helps or brings you ideas nonetheless.


Happy Tinkering


-PhoenixSouls (aka Ray)

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