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We now have a new button on our Facebook Page.


Next to the 'Like' tab there is a new tab with says 'Contact Us' tab. When you are on Facebook you can now click on that tab and then it will re-direct you straight to our forums.


I think it is a better idea so people don't have to go searching for our website and it's much easier to bring in more gamers.


Go check it out and see if you like it or post below what you think good or bad.



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You know it's bad when that topic wasn't pinned anywhere. XD

*pinned/renamed in Announcements(not sure where to put it, so left it)*

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Guys I need  your help too. If you can just give me some updates or information then I can post it on Facebook to get our figures back up. We had 110 likes and now we are down to 107. Has anyone got any news or would like any of their servers mentioning, promotions, any future gaming event nights, any new maps, any gossip about minecraft, is CS coming back, are we running different games bla bla bla.... etc, etc.


Let me know please, I need to keep the people happy and up to date with information.... cheerz ice.

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