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Sapphire6778(Trusted) (accepted)


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  • Your real name-Jessica
  • Your in game name, also include any other names you use.-Jess
  • Your age is?-21 as of march 1st
  • Where you are from?-Missouri United States of America
  • How long you have been playing Minecraft?-3 years now
  • Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who?- yes though i dont know his real name, on league of legends it was InstalokGnar
  • How did you find Rencorner- Insta recomended the server when I had asked if he knew of any with a good community.

Even if I am not entrusted with a trusted title i would like to thank you for the opportunity for myself and my friends to play on your server and for having such a great community to play with. It might not seem like it but I'm sure all of your and the other mods work is appreciated.

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Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Jessica! Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! Please vote for our server here: http://mc.rencorner.co


We are so glad you and your friends have found a new home.  We all enjoyed having you  here the other night!


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