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Apparently, I was unbanned yesterday. I havent't checked (uninstalled Ren, the only game I play[ed] [very sparingly, but now not at all], PC or otherwise), but the original ban was an "accident" and Manuel's response in that thread takes that mute (wrong or right) turned accidental ban and blows it way out of context to make me sound racist. Also, I want to know who "Delussional@IRC" [the individual who banned me for a month "accidentally"] was, if for nothing more than reporting future abuses of authority.

I already agreed to keep myself out of any politics or race discussion, Ren is neither the time nor the place for either.

I just want things in context because this mute accidentally turned 1 month ban was a complete joke and this continued unwillingness for, at least Manuel, to not realize this and make me sound like a racist deserves my side to be heard. Its bs and I appreciate some of the admins realize this. My side:

"I agree that there are other places for the silly banter; I was trying to quiet the other dude [going on about jews]. The other guy was was going on [about jews] and I just said, and I'm paraphrasing, 'only jews like jews, what's new.' I don't have his name and even if I did, it's not important. It was so long ago, I probably watched to much rt tv (link removed) that night and they probably had some segment on Palastinian kids getting blown up. Damn Russian state run media, their programs timing, and the other dudes comments, but at the end of the day, I know now I was out of line [for making any comment on race or religion at all]. In any event, I've never got in the middle of such discussions and I will avoid them in the future. Rencorner has its own rules and isn't a public forum. Btw, I'm not a racist. #blacklivesmatter. Kids anywhere dying kinda makes me sick. Black, brown, cambodian, viet, japs, palastinian, and yes, even the occasional jew [referring to how rare it is, not the value of their lives, just to be perfectly clear for those with selective interpretation]. They had something on Camodians on that commie channel and those kids are coming out with eyeballs in backwards and deff because of our (America's) chemical weapons; another thing on August 6 and 9 was the aniversey of Heroshima and Nagasaki, respectively, "only Amrican's like American's." My other comment wasn't meant to be any more racist (or in this case, political) than that. I love being an American, born and bread, we have the best Constitution (not without its flaws, like the first page about the slaves being 3/5), but I don't kid myself. Truths the truth man, no one loves us [American's] but us, but I'll keep my thoughts to myself though in the future. Like I said, this isn't a public forum and you can make whatever rules you want and I'll obviously abide by them if I want to continue having a place on Rencorner."

Point is, if someone was ranting about how much shit [we American's] did in Nam, to the Japanese, and yeah, even in Iraq; if someone were to say that American's were a useless plague or whatever that guy said [regarding jews], I would tell them the same damn thing, (paraphrasing) '[n]o one likes American's but American's, what's new.' Its the best way to shut someone up. That's not putting fuel on the fire or trying to start a racial (or in this case, political) war, that's trying to get someone to stfu and play Ren.

In summary, I just wanted to put everything context. I disagree 100% with the ban, even though I was allegedly unbanned, and I still wish I knew who "Delussional@IRC" [the individual who banned me for a month] was; I think I deserve that much. I've already uninstalled Ren. I'd like to at least know what this guys in game username is. Was it Manuel? I'd just like to know. I'm not going to pursue this any further but I deserve to know if for nothing more than reporting future abuses of authority.

Consider this my first report as well as an inquiry into this players identity. I'm not sure if I even plan to return. Its tempting but that was messed up abuse of authority.

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[22:00:15] <&RCAOW> Bateman: i am not lebanese, and I hate jew peoples

[22:00:26] <&RCAOW> Bateman: only jew people like jew peoples

[22:00:54] <&RCAOW> Bateman: the only non-jew people who do favors for jew peoples receive $$$ from jew people

[22:01 :14] <&RCAOW> Bateman: no one "likes" jews but jews

Logs, since you cannot seem to remember being racist and now you're down playing it all.

Delusional is Delusional on the forums/irc, [E]Delu ingame. Stop trying to pin the blame on him for doing his job. The rules clearly state ingame and on the forums that racism is not tolerated.

Stop making so many goddamn ban topics/posts, it's rather annoying.

Stop trying to say that you did nothing wrong, when:

A. You were racist.

B. You came onto our forum being a dick to people first.

C. You made threats to people.

D. You talked about evading a ban, and tried.

Quit while you are ahead.

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And get your facts straight about America, else you'll get me going, and neither you nor Shai want that!

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