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1. My real name is Maxim


2.My characters name is Maxim Da Boss.


3. I am 13 years old.


4. I am from Tampa, Florida.


5. I have been playing Terraria since 2013.


6. I found this server by a friend then the web.


7. I have been playing in it for about a month.


8. I want to be a VIP so i can protect my house because it got griefed 3 times. laso, I voted for the server twice in game and once on Terraria servers.com.


Please! Please! Read this over carefully and decide. Thanks. :)

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  • Veteran Admin

Grats Maxim, you've been accepted! Please vote for the server on terraria-servers.com (you gain 4 voting plat) and /vote ingame ( gain 2 voting plat) and also if you have time, for our server 2. But please don't say you've been playing for about a month, as your registration date was a week ago.

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