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In my absence


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well I've been off minecraft for a week now. did anyone miss me?

How has it been without me to stimulate the world :D

And what have i missed (i know I've missed a lot D:)

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thanks Emrit haven't seen you in a while though.

its nice to know SOMEONE cares I'm back geez.

Emrit u should get online soon it would be fun :D

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Shai do i look like im whining. Although your leather is appreciated lol.

and to be fair I didnt quite get much of a welcome back from u mr. admin -_-

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Guest Animoski

Quit your bitchin' boy, *throws leather at you* :P

lmfaoo wow shai. that shit is hilarious when you're stoned and drunk, kind of fucked up tho lmaoo

and prince.. i dont even know who you are! don't blame us for being shy and not standing out :P

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