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Staff Application (Denied)


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1.) What is your real first name ? Kieran
2.) What is your Primary minecraft in-game name? Do you have more than 1 name? If so, what are they? Kangaroooo, And nope :)
3.) Your date of birth and age is? 15 AUG 2000
4.) How long have you been playing on a regular basis in our server? Everyday for about a month and a half, if not longer 
5.) When did you submit your application for “Trusted?”Yesterday :3
6.) Do you understand how to use IRC and Teamspeak (basic knowledge required) Sorta

7.) Are you an experienced Mod or Admin? Please explain: Yes, I had a server of my own for a while, and was Head-admin on another server (also down, but soon to be up again!)
8.) Using about 15-20 words, tell us about yourself. I am fifteen, and in the United States Naval Cadet Corps, and play rugby! I am athletic, and very trustworthy.
9.) How long you have been playing minecraft? Over 3 years
10.) Have you ever been kicked, banned, or lost your Trusted status? If yes, please explain. Nope 
11.) A Rencorner staff position requires a commitment of time and contribution. What time zone do you live in and when would you be available to be online (to do your job). I live in Central TZ, and anytime from 4(PM) to 1(AM)
12.) How would you contribute to making our server a place that players would want to come to and stay? I am very respectful to other people, and can enforce the rules//laws of the server.
13.) Do you have anyone on the current staff team of position Mod or higher who has offered to sponsor you? While not a requirement, Having a sponsor can improve the application time and results. Nope
14.) Do you know a programming language such as Linux or Java? If so, what? Nope
15.) Do you have experience with plugins? Yes! Like I said before, I used to be Head-Admin, and Owner of my own server

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Denied! you don't meet a minimum requirement,  I suggest you read everything on the "Read me" topic!


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