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What's for dinner?


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Humm lasagna HH, it's bringing back good memories ^^

Gumby I didn't know they served Indian meals at the local brewery.

I had chicken chicken puff pastry shell.

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Haven't eaten lunch yet, but I just had nacho cheese Doritos for the first time in a year and a half, so I have that going for me, which is nice.

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7 minutes ago, Butterfly said:

ok, I'll bite...what is that Gumby? lamb? pork? to thick for steak I think?

Actually, it's Venison.

My daughter was disgusted that I ate Bambi. (if that makes you feel better).

Was delicious tho'  ;)


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Thought I'd share my Christmas dinner so non - Christians can see what they're missing. ;)

Roast Turkey and potatoes, honey roast parsnip, petit pois, carottes julienne, brandy and cranberry sausage meat stuffing, leek and pancetta sausage meat stuffing and pigs in blankets.



Dessert - Marc de Champagne Christmas pudding with cherry sauce and whipped cream.


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