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whats the craziest game you've played ?


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2 days ago was fun in BIO with Capri and Duyger :-)

GDI whored Nod like mad. Nothing we could do. Started to get boring so we decided to try a couple of SBH rushes. PP was mined too well, kept dying even trying to share the proxies between 3 sbh.

Then we decided to try ref.

GDI was stupid. Didn't mine ref.

3 timed c4 were placed, game changed.

After that we triple nuked pp :-)

Then trying to nuke the bar 3 times, I got spotted and had to run to WF. Someone was behind me, so I decided to place the nuke in the easiest spot ever, next to MCT. But, nobody found it. Lol. WF gone :)

That was a fun game.

!rec father TP !rec #Empire TP

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Starting with only a bar on Field, then selling Sedans for 300 $ per 30 secs to buy back the whole GDI base and win the game when Nod had a fully functional base.

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that one complex map 3 years ago or so (on Jelly) where  I met a certain steak/boyfriend.


second would be any special occasion maps where funny weapons or recon bikes are given...and tribute games for fallen brothers....

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Back when I was good at this game I was pretty proud of this ... GDI hadn't even lost a building before I got 200 kills in an hour's time.



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