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I am OneMG. I believe I am muted. I believe it happened on or about April 5, 2016 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Who muted me? Requesting to be unmuted so I can play, thanks.

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[20:29:17] <&RCAOW> OneMG: Earth angel, earth angel
[20:29:19] <&RCAOW> OneMG: rape
[20:29:20] <&RCAOW> [Vehicle Purchase] spaz purchased a GDI APC
[20:29:21] <&RCAOW> OneMG: rape
[20:29:21] <&RCAOW> [VEHKILL] masscarriers destroyed whipchain's Medium Tank (Mobile Artillery VS. Medium Tank) [LD] 34.6
[20:29:24] <&RCAOW> OneMG: rape

[20:37:25] <&RCAOW> OneMG: I made my ejaculatory debute at the young age of eleventeen

[20:41:07] <&RCAOW> OneMG: omg you're shitting my anal beeds

[20:44:24] <&RCAOW> OneMG: Threesome with Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen. HIVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

[20:44:55] <&RCAOW> OneMG: The cure for HIV is rubbing salsa on your knees

and to top it off:

[20:48:56] <&RCAOW> OneMG: kike


None of these are things that need to be said unprovoked in chat, or really at all ever.  You are obviously trying to make a scene and you got exactly what you were looking for... negative attention. I will unmute you in two days and I think that is generous.  Grow the fuck up.

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It happened right after saying kike. I don't get it though, any time you say kike, you get a mute, whereas moderators and admins use the phrase "ali akbar" to refer to when a player plants bombs on another player and blows him up. "Ali akbar" (or allah akbar) is a religious/sacred phrase in Islamic prayer and yet it is okay for moderators and administrators to use the Islamic faiths religious/sacred term to refer to blowing someone up and thus defaming the entire Islamic faith, but it isn't okay to say the less offensive term kike at all. Best I can tell from, kike just means circle in hebrew and it's how jews would sign their name when they came through Elis Island, whereas allah akbar is a prayer term used in Islam throughout the world. Where is the logic in this hypocrisy? It is okay to defame an Islamic prayer term and offend all of Islam but not okay to say kike? Moderators and admins can defame an entire religious groups sacred terms to refer to suicide bombers when the racist remark is offensive to Islam and no one says anything but if you use the term kike, bam! Mute.

If you're going to apply a rule like this, at least stop being so blatantly hypocritical. It's disgusting. I for one don't care about any religion and think religion is silly altogether, but damn dude. Admins and mods say much more offensive terms towards Islam and no one gives it a second thought. Stop being such hypocrites.

So if it's saying kike that got me muted, please remove the mute today instead of in two days. What I said was certainly less offensive than the allah or ali akbar comments moderators and administrators use in a defaming way without any repercussions and muting me for this is hypocritical and clearly biased not just against me, but it also favors one religion above another. I for one could care less about either religion but this mute and the behavior around here is wrong in more ways than one. Like I said, I'm not religious but I'd prefer to be a jew and called a kike than be a muslim hearing a prayer term to refer to players blowing themselves up. So please stop being hypocrites, reassess your own behavior, and unmute me today. Thanks.

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How about you just take your L and stop talking if you want to continue being a member of this community.  You sound like a toddler. "Mom how come I'm in trouble for drawing on the walls when my brother Steven let the dog pee on the carpet the other day."  They are exclusive events, this is related to you.  You are muted for two days, quit while you're ahead.

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