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Unban request


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  • When and where you where banned, Time and Date = 01/24/2016
  • Ingame nickname = Leandro2500
  • By what moderator or admin you where banned = DJ-EYE-K@IRC
  • What is the reason of you being banned = 'damagehack'
  • Logs / Screenshots / videos / witnesses = screen appear me
  • Any addition information that will help your case = ban ID 261

I got banned, and i wanna get unbanned, because i love to play in Rencorner marathon


I do not know how to use hacks, and do not know how I did that , it may be a misunderstanding , I would like to revise the zone data on what happened , I'm not sure I have banned on this account , my other accounts are: -Paraguay -CarlosMaster


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It seems that you have the same serial as the cheater that we banned couple months ago. I recommend getting a legit serial so this doesn't happen in the future.


You should be able to join our server now. Lets us know if you cannot.

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