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December 4 is National Cookie Day!!!!!!!!


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How cool is a day dedicated to cookies! Ima eat cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Happy National Cookie Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What is this Holiday for?

This holiday is for honoring and enjoying the sweet flavor of cookies and sharing them with friends and family. Let this holiday remind you of fond memories of days gone by. Let today be the day you learn to bake new cookie recipes and learn to decorate a cookie in a new way. Let today be the day you sit down with a tall cold glass of milk or hot coffee, a large plate of fresh cookies, and have no guilt at eating them all up.
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I hope you don't become diabetic, Check out how much sugar you have consumed in those cookies. As a guide, 8 grams ~= to 1 rounded teaspoon of sugar. Believe me, you don't want to be diabetic.

Happy sugar-free cookie eating!


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