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1 (What is your real name?): Elvin

2 What are you ingame character name(s)? Please pick a main one as well!: Maxx

3 ( How old are you) im 13 years old

4(What country and region are you from?)Australia sydney

5 (How long have you been playing Terraria?) about 10 months

6(How did you find our server?) i was searching for multiplayer servers online because i was bored and wanted pve and saw rencorner (the creative one) then i got sick of this server and saw he survival type server so i joined.

7(How long have you been playing on our server?) I'm not sure but about 7 weeks maybe.

8(Why do you want VIP?) I want it so I can build a replica of my house up their and not get grieved by little kids who think its funny.(just got greifed today) and i want ranks and access to more things, my friends told me that.

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Accepted! You can use a portal gun once you get one, build in /warp vip, and /vote and use /rank up!

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