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Yuri? who is that?


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Yuri is a retard who likes to eat shit and drives the short yellow bus all the way back home...... errr  i mean... Yuri is MASTER!!!    I'm sure most of you guys don't know who the hell i am.... well i am your master.... obey me or fall like the others  muahahahahaha.... ... anyways  I been away for far far too long,  I dont know if im just gonna be casually be playing again or be playing religiously again, only time will tell... but in the mean time I will be playing renegade here and there.   How have you guys been?   I been living the ups and downs of life, and right now is the downs with financially wise that is but life will do that to you.   So much change has happened since the last time i was here,  It makes me feel sad that the one of the things i enjoyed alot might be slipping away soon and having been away for so long is time that i wasted.  :(     Well enough of the sappy story,  How are you guys doing?

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Welcome back shit master.  You failed to mention Minecraft, for that you ARE a shit master.  We missed you.


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Hey Yuri,

I dont think I know who you are, but I saw you ingame recently, nice to see you here on the forums as well. Hope to stank rush with you soon. Welcome back.

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