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Cheater on Terraria Server 1


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So I was on terraria server 1 and then this hacker came with the username "Hacker" and some numbers after it (You go ahead and search it on the server logs)

Well anyways, they had godmode, infinite weapon spam, etc. so they could shoot the sniper rifle several times a second.

I got pictures if you don't believe me (It's the golden guy)

You can go ahead and decide the appropriate punishment if you find them guilty.



Capture 2016-06-28 22_42_41.png

Capture 2016-06-28 22_42_43.png

Capture 2016-06-28 22_42_46.png

Capture 2016-06-28 22_42_49.png

Capture 2016-06-28 22_42_59.png

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While these pictures aren't exactly the best sort of proof since you can't see the player's name and the full extent of their actions, we will keep our eyes peeled for anyone with a similar name in the future and test them ourselves if necessary. Thank you for the info.

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