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Two cheaters on Terraria


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Hello, I would like to report two users I feel have been misbehaving on Server 1 for Terraria.

The first user would be bolsaq. I don't remember the exact time, but I do believe the date was August 3.

The reason why I am reporting this user is because their health was much past the maximum of 500/600 as seen below;



The next user I'd like to report goes under the username  [i:3367]

The evidence for this one is a bit less direct, but all damage dealt to this user was reduced to a mere 1 damage, which even with the highest amount of defense and/or damage reduction isn't exactly possible. The user appeared today, around 6 hours prior to this post.


It's also worth noting they had a nebula booster buff on them for an infinite amount of time, which is not possible in the game. He couldn't of been gathering them from the map as there were no nebula boosters around.

And for comparison, here's a small test I did in a personal server showing that even with close to the highest defense, there isn't any way to reduce the damage of the weapon I was using to 1. I was using a rather powerful weapon to quickly test this, which had the same exact stats as the weapon I used against the user.



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bolsaq had his warnings lastnight, if he is still using after that, then he knows what will happen.

Idk about the other guy. 

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