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Hai :0)


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Im sorta new to this server been playing a few days .... pretty easy to get the hang of it


started playing Multi server pretty recently and griefing and PVP A**Holes made me look for a server like this one.

found you guys pretty easy and loved ya ever since :P

im Sundays1 in MC and im a digger/builder

favorite thing to to is live/ survive on an island... Many treasures await in the middle of the ocean ... yargh?

RL pic of me and my 3 year old girl

29 Tenessee female married with 2 kids <3

thought i get a start on a trusted status here and introduce myself.


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Well hello there.

Welcome to RC :)

Our MC staff don't tolerate grieving and will always lend a hand if you require assistance.

You should join up on teamspeak & irc to get to know our MC staff and players more.



I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here. :)

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