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Muted - Unmute request


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Hello and good day,

Two (2) weeks ago I was muted for the following:


[13:43:29] (&RCAOW) Eastwood: All my niggas representin'

[13:44:36] (@vlatkozelka) !ppage eastw you cant say the N word in here

[13:45:02] (&RCAOW) Eastwood: I didnt say N****r, i said nigga

[13:45:11] (&RCAOW) @FurinKazan: same thing

[13:45:13] (&RCAOW) Eastwood: I can say nigga, nigga is okay

[13:45:21] (@vlatkozelka) !msg And Im kindly asking to stop it ...

[13:45:47] (&RCAOW) @FurinKazan: have muted him

The asterisks were actually used by me and the quote is the actual chat log, provided thanks to Manuel857.

I realize what I said was wrong and I am very sorry about it; it won't happen again. I understand that on RenCorner, as Manuel857 clearly put it:


It doesn't matter if you say nigga, niga, n1gga, n1g, nig. We do not allow for people to say the n-word, period. [ ... ]

I will obey this and all other RenCorner rules. I have been behaving well over the last two (2) weeks (muted) and also in the weeks/months preceding this inappropriate language and I feel two (2) weeks was more than adequate punishment for this language, particularly given I believed in good-faith that there was a misunderstanding.  I was under the understanding that the general rule that n***as was an acceptable term of endearment but n****ers was racist applied here too. I realize now that the misunderstanding was on my part and that, as Manuel857 said, "it doesn't matter if you say nigga, niga, n1gga, n1g, nig. We do not allow for people to say the n-word, period." For this, I am sorry.

Again, I am very sorry for my poor choice of language it won't happen again. I am respectfully requesting that I be unmuted since I have been muted already for two (2) weeks. I truly appreciate it, thank you and take care.



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Since you seem to like quoting so much to justify yourself, I wanted to make a long post like you usually do to quote every single time you came on these forums to ask to be unmuted/unbanned, apologizing to no end and arguing ultimately.

I realized it was a daunting task, so I'll make this quick instead...

Several times admins/owners around here told you it was already your last chance, that you should be perma-muted.

This ^ is not the last time, it was the one before. You'll stay muted for now.

I'm locking this, and please don't go making yet ANOTHER topic to ask to be unmuted, it's pointless.

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