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i posted here becuase im reporting someone but they arent cheating or hacking .... its just ... my kids playminecraft and watch me play and this guy has the Sign on name <FUCK> and repeatedly cussing in chat...

its making the server not so fun to play on


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Another outstanding and mature member of the minecraft community, I for one applaud this young man's actions in showcasing us his verve and aplomb for the profanities of the english language, come let us congratulate this young fellow and I would also like to take the liberty of proposing a toast to all who would profess to indulge in such....

Not really... Banned him. :P

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Shadow, my dear fellow, I really feel compelled to compliment you on your post.

It is a shining beacon of quality in terms of use of the English language. I find your sentence construction, grammar and use of exquisite vocabulary quite exceptional. Whilst I may disagree that the young miscreant refered to has any aplomb in his use of English (or indeed Celtic) expletives, as his range of vocabulary seems somewhat limited, I must wholeheartedly agree not only with the action you have seen fit to take against him, but most specifically the style in which you did so.

Well played Sir.

Englishmen, raising the quality of Rencorner one post at a time. :D


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