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Renegade - Map Missing


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Good Morning/Evening all, it's been a long time

I'm slowly coming back to Renegade 😄

Anyways, I have a problem when joining the RenCorner Marathon Server...My game cannot find the 'C&C_Under' Map even though it finds it when I click on 'MP Practice'

Has anyone got the full list of Default Multiplayer Maps when you first install the game?

Thanks all! 😄

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It seems you do have the map, but rencorner doesn't recognize the one from the ttfs folder, maybe it's under_rxd?

Try deleting that ttfs folder there : \Users\X\AppData\Roaming\Renegade\Client\ttfs, it'll download from our server the next time you join the game. If that doesn't fix it, I can send you a zip of the classic .mix ren maps.

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Look inside your \Data\ see if Under.mix is there, if not just run the mixcheck.exe in \Renegade\ and it should re-download.

Or, it could be as mass said about Under_RxD.mix.

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Ran the mixcheck.exe and it found C&C_Under was missing...

Thanks shaitan and masscarriers!

See you on the Battlefield!

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