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Is this Laptop worth £180?


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Hard drive is 2.5" Sata 5400rp m with 8mb cache. 500gb. Processor is intel celeron processor speed 2 ghz, processor bus speed 1066 MHz . Memory type ddr2. Memory speed 800mzh . Cache memory 1mb. Memory capacity 3gb

The model is HP-G56

I need a new laptop and seen this for 180 but I'm not sure if its worth the cash that's being asked? Can anyone help?

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Looks like a good price, however... HD, 5400 rpm, and celeron processor to me are negatives.  I suppose it comes down to what you want to use it for.


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Thanks for the reply joe.



Cash Generators normally have better value than that , you looked there yet?


It was offered to me today from a friend of a friend but I am quite useless with what specs are good and what aren't.


I'll have a look in cash generator and cash converters this weekend, It's only for work as I run a lot of CAD programs and simulation stuff.

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Not high enough specs for CAD stuff... Thats 40-60 or so too high to me for what it is. CAD as i remember needs a lil heft to it.

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