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So basically I am looking for a new gaming PC, I found this one for £500 and here are the specs of it,


Do you think this is worth it?


Case : Galaxy 3 Modern Midi Tower Case
Power Supply : 500 Watt With Power Cable Supplied
Motherboard : Gigabyte H81M-S2PV
CPU : Intel I7 4th Gen 4770 Quad Core 3.4Ghz (turbo 3.9Ghz) CPU
Hard Drive : 500gb Sata Hard Drive
Memory : 4gb DDR3 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance Memory
Graphics Card : ATI HD 6670 2gb (Dual screen support via DVI /HDMI / VGA)
Optical Drive : 24x Dual Layer DVD Writer
Warranty : 12 Months Return To Base (Parts & Labour) 
Connections : 6 x USB 2.0 / 2 x USB 3.0 / LAN / Sound
Software : Windows 7 Home 64 bit

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no offence mikey... but that was funny XD


about the PC , well i think a big part of the price is going to that 4rth gen core i7 wich is not really worth it unless u do rendering (CAD and shit... )

id save money on the cpu , i5 handles games perfectly  and i7's hyperthreading isnt even used in 99% of games , so u could save alot on the cpu and maybe put them for a better VGA , the HD 6000 isnt that hardcore gaming card anymore ...

oh and 4 gb RAM is way too low especially for that cpu , ud need at least 6 gb (tho the speed of those is good )

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Thank god you are here Vlat I am pretty much useless with this right now :P


I'll get looking at some others, this one was a reduced item by £200 so it caught my attention.


Would you recommend a custom built one as opposed to a premade package?

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I would definitely suggest 8 Gb of ram. Also the graphics card isn't that great. Premade is always cheaper.. just more work.




My exact words that I was about to say until I saw that. Lmao

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Well my plan was to buy a really good PC that will do me well for a long time in terms of keeping up with latest games. I know it wont be cheap I'm willing to pay up to around £800 but that doesn't mean i'm going to look for the most expensive one.


My only concern about the custom built ones is the warranty and things like that, unless It is custom built by a company for me I'm not sure if a guarantee is there?

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If it is done from the company they'll give you warranty for it. If you get the computer and do it yourself, the warranty can be voided on certain circumstances. Keep in mind, you're better off having the company do it for you. You can customize it in the ordering menu for the computer on most Computer Manufacturing websites. If you wish to do your own computer upgrades later on in the future, start learning the fundamentals for building a computer, and those pros/cons. 

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If you order all your parts new, they all have warranty, even if you build it yourself.


If you go through a place like newegg.com you get 30 days to break it before you have to go through the manufacturer for issues. Never had a problem with a return from them.


Just make sure you check all your parts for compatibility, before you buy. Motherboard and RAM companies like to claim speeds that can only be reached by overclocking them, which cause compatibility issues with certain manufacturers. (Overclocking sucks)


Stay away from MSI motherboards....I had 3 and had problems with 2 of them for years. MSI just keeps sending you junk as a replacement.


I had a similar thread when I was upgrading, you might find something useful in it.

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